TikTok - Not Just Another Silly App But An Actual Learning Tool

So, you’ve probably heard your parents saying, “What is this TikTok and why you are on it so much?” or “Why waste time on TikTok when you could be learning other important things online?” You see, we know how awesome TikTok can be. But for the life of us, some of our parents just can’t seem to comprehend the awesomeness of TikTok. They don’t even approve of the idea. And as much as it pains you to hear them nagging, maybe it’s time to educate them a little on the benefits of TikTok. Because they’d be surprised to know at how much you (and even they) can learn through the fastest growing social media app. Now, let’s show them all the colours and rainbows of TikTok (or at least the top 6 benefits of it) and see if you’re able to change their mind-set.

Benefit #1: You Learn Videography & Directing Skills Through TikTok
Two people recording a TikTok video.
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Yup, we’re learning important skills on TikTok. Skills that we can apply in class and the working world. This app enables us to learn all about video editing such as basic cutting, audio precisions, transitions and more. There are so many cool tips and tricks we can learn from TikTok influencers too, especially on how they create and edit their videos. So basically, we get to be a director of our profile and that’s pretty cool.

Benefit #2: Yes, TikTok Builds Your Confidence
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Not all of us were born lucky to have the confidence of a lion. Some of us are just naturally shy or have the classic case of stage fright. So, TikTok is one of the great platforms that encourages you to improve your self-esteem by practising your pronunciation and speaking skills in front of the camera. This can be useful especially during school, college and work presentations.

Benefit #3: TikTok Trains Discipline
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How is TikTok preparing you to be disciplined, you say? Well, TikTokers often feel satisfied or accomplished when we get to execute our TikTok perfectly. It takes a great amount of effort and determination – qualities that we can apply to other areas and aspects of our lives such as homework, assignments, hobbies, and other passions or interests.

Benefit #4: Unleashing Our Creativity
Girl recording a TikTok makeup tutorial.
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We get to explore our imagination and get creative by coming up with all sorts of different ideas for TikTok. This will help us in the real world especially when it comes to professions like advertising, digital, social media and so on. Not only does this part benefits us, but it has also benefited some of the teachers around the world as they have become tech-savvy and even used TikTok’s videography features to develop creative assignments. We find that we can absorb and learn better through TikTok rather than sticking to the traditional lecture-based lessons and homework all the time. We also feel that this will bring the relationship between us and our teachers closer, as it is refreshing to see them step into our world.

Benefit #5: Learning Valuable Information & Skills
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You can pick up numerous talents out there on TikTok. Skills like baking, cooking, dancing, acting and useful information like skincare, maths (yes people, even maths!), languages, culture and the list goes on. You pretty much get to see and explore a bunch of tutorials on TikTok and the majority of them are pretty entertaining too. If not, why else would we be hooked on it? While we’re at it, here are some TikTokers you should follow and showcase to your parents for convincing purposes.

Benefit #6: Earning Side Income
Girl posing with makeup brushes for a TikTok video.
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You’d be surprised to know much TikTokers make. According to Marvellous, influencers with up to 100k followers can earn between $500 and $2000 for sponsored posts in their videos. This value will also depend on the type of product, the number of followers, and engagement rate. Not bad for doing something that you like, right?

So, there you have it, folks! These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope your parents will see TikTok the way we do and who knows, maybe they’ll join in on the fun too? Well, you won’t know until you show them this article so, good luck!

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