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Switzerland Study Abroad Destination

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everything you need to know about switzerland, the study abroad destination

why Study in switzerland?

Switzerland being a Study Abroad destination and known for its picturesque mountains, delicious cheese, and exquisite chocolates, the Swiss brand has been internationally recognized around the world for decades. When it comes to higher education, their quality is no different.

Switzerland was ranked as the second-best choice for international students to study abroad, offering high career advancement, quality teaching methods, and opportunities for professional development.

The country is an avid promoter of global participation, with 20% of international students making up the student population and 2.1 million of the general population being expats. With such diversity, the country is an ideal place for students looking to study internationally.

Employment While studying in switzerland

Switzerland is famous for their internships and the fact that students earn from $1900 to $2400 per month. This salary is the typical salary a full experienced professional would earn in many countries in the world. However, being the most expensive country in the world, Switzerland also pays very well.

Students can earn a fortune during their internships in Swiss companies with bonuses and generous paid time off!

Employment After studying in Switzerland

Switzerland supports students who show great potential of growth and leadership. Typically, during a student's internship, if he or she does well, the company would offer a full time position to the student.

This has happened many times to talented students, so if you are as talented as they are then there is no reason not to work in the most safest country in the world!

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Some cool tips you should know


Swiss degrees are recognized worldwide

If you are a Swiss degree holder then consider yourself lucky. Not many students in the world hold a Swiss degree. Having a unique qualification makes you stand out from employers which will give you an advantage to be hired.


Expenses Covered

Switzerland being the most expensive country in the world is an intimidating country to live into. However, Swiss universities that we are partners with cover expenses from food to accommodation during students' academic terms.


shorter degrees

Unlike many countries, most universities in Switzerland are only for 3 years. This gives you an advantage to start your professional careers earlier than your peers.


Reach London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, berlin in 2 hours!

Visit and access the most beautiful and famous European countries. You can reach these countries in less than 2 hours either by train or plane.

Spend your weekend in Paris and hop on the train back to your city in the Switzerland.


Make Friends!

Switzerland is a very diverse country which is a good opportunity to connect with other people and build relationships.

Your social life will be full of healthy and amazing experiences. You will meet with people around the world who have the same purpose as you.

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