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Introduction to Culinary Arts

Ever dreamed of becoming a Master Chef? Or perhaps you simply enjoy cooking and preparing food for your family and friends?

Culinary Arts is the art of preparing, cooking, and presenting food that delights the eyes and awakens the appetite. It’s more than the simple act of cooking a meal. Culinary arts is about creating a special dish that not only fills the belly, but entices people to come back for more.

A course in Culinary Arts will teach you the knowledge, skills and techniques required to prepare different types of cuisines and beverages. From Western meals to Asian dishes, you will have an extensive knowledge of food preparation and presentation.

Cooking school graduates are anticipated to show a dominance of kitchen essentials like knife skills and sanitation and an understanding of classical cooking techniques. By providing a strong foundation, Culinary degrees open a variety of entryways for specializations in Pastry, Baking, Culinary Management and more.

Fields of Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts: Deals with the preparation of food, beverages, and some pastries and desserts, as well as basic culinary techniques. It also involves nutrition fundamentals and meat selection, so you’ll be well-equipped to cook up anything you want!

Pastry & Baking: Specializes in the preparation of pastries, desserts, and other baked goods. You’ll also learn the skills to master temperature control and ingredient ratio, as these are what make a skilled pastry chef.

Culinary Management: Deals with the management of an F&B establishment, kitchen operations, staff management, and basic culinary knowledge.

What skills are required for a Culinary Arts course?

Broad knowledge of food: This goes without saying. You’re entering the food service industry, so it’s only natural that you are updated on all the latest food trends and have a love for food! You’ll also be learning a lot of new dishes and culinary techniques, so a willingness to learn is essential to excel in the industry.

Creativity: The food industry has continually evolved in many ways, therefore being a chef does not just include having your food taste good. You’ll also need to come up with new and innovative dishes that not only taste good, but look good too!

Teamwork: When you work in a kitchen, you will need to cooperate with your teammates and work with them in order to get the dishes out fast. Kitchens are usually fast-paced and hectic, so you’ll also need to communicate with each other clearly to ensure no order gets left behind.

What will you study?

In a culinary arts program, you will learn subjects that will hone your culinary skills and knowledge for a successful culinary career. A degree will focus more on entrepreneurial skills and restaurant management in the F&B industry.

• Fundamentals of Food Production
• Patisserie and Baking
• Food Safety Management
• Food & Beverage Service
• Essential Cuisine Techniques
• Kitchen Operations and Management
• Menu Design and Creation
• Global Cuisines

What are the career prospects?

After completing a Culinary Arts course, graduates can find work at hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, or homestays that are in need of their services. Here are some of the careers you can consider:

• Sous Chef
• Food Stylist
• Food Service Manager
• Food & Beverage Manager
• Food Production Manager
• Restaurant/Bar Manager
• Catering Manager
• Pastry Chef
• Nutritionist
• Mixologist

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