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Introduction to Animation

3D animation and computer-generated images (CGI) are some of the main components you will find in an Animation programYou will learn to create visual effects for television, films, commercials, websites, and video games using different software programmes. You will also be involved in the creative process of drawing, illustrating, and storyboard development, so you’ll have a hand in bringing the characters and story to life! 

Animators usually liaise with game designers, film directors, and other animators to produce and develop effects that meet their expectations. In the film industry, animators play a huge role especially in action, sci-fi, fantasy, animation, and horror genres. 

If you’ve dreamed to be part of the Marvel production team, here’s your chance! 

Fields of Animation

There are five main fields of Animation that you can choose from as your major. You can pick from these specializations:

Motion Graphics

Bored of the typical show and tell? If you are always the cool person in presentations who added infographic videos and animations into their slides, you should explore your potential in Motion Graphics. Vital in film and television, Motion Graphics fuses the elements of visual animation, text, typography, and even music to provide creativity, depth and flow to a story. Motion graphics is used in branding, conceptualizing, creating film and television title sequence, advertising, and many more.

Computer Animation

As a branch of computer-generated imagery (CGI), Computer Animation produces both 2D and 3D digital animations. This includes rendering images of objects by moulding 3D versions using a computer. Some groundbreaking CGI examples were in movies like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. The methods differ in each project, so you’ll be working with different animation styles each time!

Video Game Design

Breathe life into the fictional world of video games. Here’s your chance to work with game developers to animate video game characters. Expect a lot of programming and coding in this field because you will be animating characters and objects to execute smooth movement and action. Some of the best works of character animation are Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted (PlayStation), and Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows).

3D Animation

Gain valuable experience and build your portfolio through various industries that you will explore in 3D Animation. You can demonstrate product features in the retail industry and showcase a digital 3D prototype in the early stages of a project pitch. 3D animation is also a cost-effective way to provide simulation for high-risk occupations like firefighting, flying airplanes, and military operations.

Special Effects Animation

Animators in this field usually have a wide knowledge of various animation software like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Dreamweaver. As a special effects animator, you will digitally craft lifelike imagery by altering and combining live-action footage. Some effects can also be entirely created with computer-generated images (CGI).

Marketing and Advertising

Animation is widely used in Marketing and Advertising for its effectiveness in captivating the audience. You will collaborate with advertisers and marketers to make creative yet relatable animated commercials. These commercials can be funny, witty, and inspiring to influence the target audience’s decision-making process, so it is important for you to understand your clients’ expectations as well as consumer behaviour.

What are the skills needed?

Tech Savvy

With cutting-edge technology, you can now transform your sketches into a digital design before animating them. You need to master different software and applications to bring your creations to life.


If you like expressing yourself artistically and you’re eager to show your art to others, this industry needs more people like you. As an animator, you can even bring your artwork to life by adding motions to them. That’s pretty cool!

Team Player

You may be sketching your ideas alone, but being in animation requires you to work in a team. You should be skilled in communicating with others and establishing a harmonious teamwork with others.

How long will I study this program?

The study duration could vary from one institute to another. However, as a general estimate, we have compiled a general estimate of the duration according to the study levels and qualifications.

  • Foundation/Diploma: 1 – 2 Years
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 3 Years
  • Master’s: 2 – 4 Years
  • PhD: 1 Year

What are the entry requirements for this qualification?


  • STPM: CGPA 2.00 in relevant subjects
  • Levels: Minimum 2 principal passes or equivalent
  • SAM: Tertiary Entrance Rank of 70, Grade B in 2 of the relevant subjects
  • CPU: Average of 70% in 6 of the relevant subjects
  • UEC: Grade B in at least five (5) subjects


  • First or second class Honours degree or a relevant qualification


  • A Master’s degree in a relevant field with evidence of related research or work experiences to the satisfaction of the Senate

What are the job opportunities?

  • Video Game Designer
  • Cartoonist
  • Concept Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Art Director
  • Character Animator
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Animation Director

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