College Students Should Read This Before They Graduate

Do you want to graduate college with no regrets? 

When I started college, I was unsure of my own journey. Other college students seemed to have it together. They were confident, bold, and outspoken.

Meanwhile, here I was, coming up with 100 excuses and what ifs in my head before asking a question in the lecture hall.

If this sounds familiar, you’re just like me five years ago.

College students may have issues related to stress and anxiety. Image source: Pexels

People normally assume that a student taking Communication would be confident and assertive, but I was the opposite. I was overthinking my words and actions and constantly doubting myself. I said yes to everything, which unfortunately, made me an easy target for manipulation. After I was stuck in a heap of extra tasks thrown by my group mates who knew I couldn’t say no, I told myself enough is enough.

A Common Issue Faced By College Students

I talked to a counsellor and discovered that I wasn’t alone. There were other college students who faced the same problems, and each of them had their own ways to cope with their issues. So, I started my own journey to come out of my shell.

My Advice To College Students

I spent several months trying different ways that would work for me, and I finally found one: Journaling. I understood myself better once I wrote my thoughts and feelings on paper. It has improved how I express myself and made me a better communicator. Now, I am proud to say that I’ve graduated college with no regrets, because I discovered my identity and worked through my insecurities and anxieties.

Here are other ways to help you graduate college with no regrets:

1) Focus on your mental health and personal growth 

Working on your confidence requires patience and effort. However, the result is worth it. You can also work on your personal development by taking interesting subjects in college that can improve your interpersonal skills.

2) Manage your time and money responsibly

College life is all about experiencing new things, but bear in mind the consequences of overspending and last-minute studying. The best way is to keep track of your expenditures, and have a timetable for your studies.

3) Start thinking of your future after college

If you already have a plan, work on it. It is never too early to start thinking about your career as it places you one step ahead of your peers. Talking to lecturers is a good way to establish a connection with people from the industry.

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Jocelyn Cheng

Jocelyn Cheng

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