Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UMP)

Perlis, Malaysia

University Detail


Campus setting Suburban
Living cost USD 288 per month
Student population Large (More than 10,000)
International students 10%
Institution type Public

About Campus

Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UMP) was named as the 17th institution of higher learning in Malaysia and is one of only four technical universities in Malaysia. ​

The university takes pride in being a leading technical university in the region, specialising in niche areas of Engineering, Technology, Science and other relevant areas, with an emphasis on electronics.​ They maintain their high-quality academic programmes by active engagement with leading industries in the region and globally.

Their mission is to create highly-skilled engineers with industrial experience and expose them to the latest technologies. This also involves producing outstanding individuals who will contribute to the country’s development and stay updated in the industry. ​They achieve this by equipping graduates with engineering skills, organizational knowledge, interpersonal communication, and management in relation to practical engineering areas.

Campus Information

Perlis is the home of the University of Malaysia Perlis. As the smallest state in Malaysia, it has a total of 230,000 residents including local, Chinese and Indians. This institute located in the northern part of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia where you can find the province of Satun and Songkhla, the northern border of Thailand.​


Thanks to its quiet, simple charm within a lush landscape, Perlis is the ideal location for those to pursue their studies. The state’s laidback environment is what makes it conducive for students’ exploration, development and growth.


The campus has 3 main locations in Perlis:

  • The Kampus Alam UniMAP Paul Putra, which houses the Engineering Centre, Centre for Industrial and Governmental Collaboration, and Institute for Engineering Mathematic.
  • Kampus Kota Kangar houses the schools of environmental engineering and the School of Human Development and Techno-communication.
  • The Kampus Hijau UniMAP Sungai Chuchuh houses the Faculty of Engineering Technology and the Institute of Sustainable Agrotechnology.


UniMAP offers accommodation as follows:​


  • International Residential College​
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Residential College​
  • Tun Abdul Razak Residential College​
  • Tun Hussien Onn Residential College​
  • Tun Dr. Ismail Residential College​
  • Tun Ghafar Baba Residential College​
  • Tan Sri Aishah Ghani Residential College​
  • UniCITI Alam Residential College​
  • Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Residential College​
  • Pauh Putra Residential College​


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