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Private colleges and universities are not funded by the government and rely solely on tuition fees paid by the students. For this reason, tuition fees can be on the higher side. There are 4 major types of private institutions:
  • Universities – Institutions that offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and can award them.
  • University Colleges – An institution that is often part of another bigger university, as they do not have full university status. They mainly offer pre-university and diploma programmes and can award degrees under specialized fields.
  • Colleges – Institutions that offer diploma and pre-university programmes. Some of them also provide degree courses and twinning programmes through a university partnership.
  • Foreign Universities – These institutions work in tandem with local universities. Students who study at foreign universities will get an international qualification without having to leave the country.


Public universities are funded by the government. These institutions are divided into 4 major categories:
  • Research Universities – These universities focus on research and usually emphasize on competitive standing, excellent grades and academic orientation.
  • Focused Universities – These universities focus on specialized fields that are specific to each institution.
  • Comprehensive Universities – These universities offer various courses of study and different fields of specialization.
  • Community Colleges – These institutions usually offer two-year diplomas and associate degrees. They also provide career education and industry training to transferring to a four-year institution.


What is the difference between universities and colleges?

  • Both are higher education institutions that offer undergraduate programs.
  • Universities are institutions that offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs. They have larger campuses and feature a diverse campus environment with a wide variety of courses.
  • Colleges are institutions with a smaller student population and only offer associate degrees. Example: community college, technical schools, liberal arts colleges.
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