We make study abroad dreams come true!

Studying abroad is one of the biggest achievement one can achieve, but making it happen is challenging, it is possible but very difficult. What if we told you that there is a way to do it?

We at Eduloco help students worldwide to study abroad and get through university applications and get them accepted. 

We guide students from the start of their university application to visa processing until graduation. Our industry expert counsellors give students a personalized service that guide them step by step to handle all the heavy lifting for them.

With our 1,000+ university partnerships from 29 countries, we can help students find the best courses based on their preferences. We also give exclusive access to guaranteed scholarships that are only available to students that Eduloco assist.

How We Can Help You

Our education counsellors are experienced and will take thorough time to get to know the students who wish to register. Base on that we create students’ profile and help them find the best university options for them that we can help apply to. 

When students register to our website our counsellors get notified that students need our help to assist them to study abroad. Their registration will be received by our team.

Our experienced counsellors will be getting in touch with the students as soon as they assess the registrations. The assigned counsellor and the student will discuss his/her preferences and if it happens that the student is unsure, our counsellors will use their expertise to give their recommendations for the best options that suits students. 

Once the students have decided what university they prefer to take base on our recommendation or their preferences then their assigned counsellor will be submitting the application to the multiple universities for the best results using our automated platform that has access to 1,000 universities. 

Once they are accepted by the university of their choice, we run them through the visa process for their student visa to ensure requirements are met and submit their visa application.

Students receive their visa stamp and book their flight! 


Our education counsellor guide students through the process from day 1 until the graduation. Once they arrive at the university, they will get picked up by our university partner and take them to the university to get their schedules and modules.

It is going to be an exciting adventure, especially that they are being assisted by our experienced education counsellors who themselves have gone to study abroad and experienced a wonderful journey.

Experience study abroad hassle and worry free.