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why Study in the uk?

The Study Abroad destination, United Kingdom, has a reputation as a country of learning and academia, with a rich history of their top universities. Oxford and Cambridge were founded over 800 years ago, and has paved the way for quality higher education since then.

In fact, nearly a fifth of the world’s Top 50 universities are from the UK, according to QS World Rankings 2020!

English is a global language used in business and the international market. Study in the UK to raise your English language skills and have an edge in the job market upon graduation!

Employment While Study Abroad In UK

United kingdom is implementing a 40 hour work week for students. This is a chance for students to earn while at university to help them cover expenses and earn an extra income.

Originally, students were only allowed to work 20 hours per week. This is a great opportunity for students who want to pursue their higher education and gain experience at the same time.

Talk to our UK study abroad consultants to find out what kind of part-time jobs you can apply to!

Employment After Study Abroad In UK

As a former student in the UK, you are entitled to have a 2 year post work visa. This means that you get to stay and work for another 2 years in the U.K while you are employed by any company who hires you.

This is a great opportunity for students to showcase what they have learned from the university and have the opportunity to apply for residency.

Some of our university partners have internship placements after for students after graduation. Our overseas education consultants in UK can help to match you with the right universities.

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What UK Study Abroad Consultants Want You To Know


Study Abroad UK Degrees Are Recognized Worldwide

If you are a UK degree holder in the then you are pretty much set for life. Hundreds of companies will be opening their doors for you because they know that you are qualified and educated from a high standard education system.

Study overseas in UK to get an internationally recognized degree that will grant you access to jobs all over the world! Our overseas education consultants in UK can help you identify the best degrees to pursue for your future.


Personal expenses Are Reasonable

If you are a student who has a tight budget, do not worry. There are stores that are reasonable and will really surprise you by how cheap they are.

Stores like Aldi and Sainsbury are one of the go to shops of students to buy their food and other personal necessities.


shorter degrees

Unlike many countries, most universities in the UK are only for 3 years. This gives you an advantage to start your professional careers earlier than your peers.

You can study overseas in UK with scholarships from our university partners. We are partnered with several UK universities that provide exclusive scholarships for students who apply with us. Our overseas education consultants in UK will inform you if you are eligible for these scholarships and how to apply for them.


Reach Paris, Barcelona, Milan, berlin etc.

Study overseas in UK and access the most beautiful and famous European cities! You can reach these countries in less than 2 hours either by train or plane.

Spend your weekend in Paris and hop on the train back to your city in the UK.


Make Friends in Your Study Destination!

As a study abroad UK destination in Europe, it is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Therefore, you will have plenty of opportunities to make many connections!

Your social life will be full of healthy and amazing experiences. Plus, you will meet several people around the world with the same interests as you.

Study Abroad Checklist: A Guide To Your Preparations To Study Abroad UK

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