Career Concerns - Stepping Into Your First Job

Are you ready for your first career?

A major relief after a big exam, passing with flying colours and untoward a new journey – your first official career.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, how does the future look like? According to Statista, the unemployment rate peaked in 2009 and has been fluctuating ever since and in 2020, the rate currently is at 3.38%. Although it is relatively low, the main category of job seekers is young people – both the fresh graduates and those still looking for opportunities. We’ve compiled six simple ways to make your job search easier, which you can find here.

Trying to acclimate yourself into a new environment, in this case, your new workplace, can be both exhausting and exciting at the same time. The main thing you would want to do is impress your Manager(s) while proving that you were a good fit for the position.

Well, it is good to have the drive but the key to being good at your career is to not overdo it. Learn from experience, be open to constructive criticism and take one step at a time.

In order to get ahead in this new era, practice these five important tips religiously to get ahead in your new position.

1. Happy Superiors, Happy Career

Treat your superiors with respect for a good career kickstart.

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Get off on the right foot with your superiors by getting to know them. Find out the culture of the workplace and never step over the line of any rule (in other words, don’t be a rebel!). Get to know their working style too. For example, some superiors prefer simple presentations or detailed reports as well as working with other departments. Take the first step by initiating a meeting with your boss to discuss their working style and adapt. This assists you in settling in your new role faster and to set clear expectations of your role.

2. Your Chemistry With Colleagues Makes Or Breaks Your Career

Your colleagues are important people in your career.

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As important as getting to know your superiors, you should do the same with your co-workers. The earlier you build a good rapport with them, the quicker you can adapt into the organisation. Start off by trying to remember their names (we know it’s hard if there are many to remember but the keyword here is ‘try’) and keep eye contact while talking. It is also best to understand your new team-mates’ roles and responsibilities while being respectful towards them.

3. Adapt To Change & Ace Your Job

Succeed in your first career by being open to change.

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Adapting to a new lifestyle and meeting new people that are more experienced can be as daunting as ever. However, adapt to the whole situation by changing your mind-set and learn from the new environment. The transition from one world to another will be a smoother one, and faster than you think.

4. Be Confident In Your Career


Being confident can have a positive effect when stepping into a new world of possibilities, but be mindful that respect comes with it. Be it your Manager or associate, never be afraid to ask questions so that you can know if you are doing your job in the right manner. No question is a senseless question, but it is always helpful to ask better questions.

5. Be A ‘Sponge’

Reading improves your knowledge and career performance.

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In order to adapt, widening your knowledge by being open-minded and exposing yourself to new experiences can be beneficial. Park your ego at the door and you are bound to face an endless world of learning. Remember that you are joining experienced individuals and they will have the respect and patience should you take some time to understand their working culture.

In no time, you will join your colleagues and feel like you’ve been in the organization since forever, in a good way of course.

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