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everything you need to know about canada, the study abroad destination

why Study in the Canada?

Canada as a study abroad destination has one of the highest standards of living and education in the world. With breath-taking scenery and a unique mix of cultural events and diverse ethnic groups, Canada offers a quality of life that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

According to the QS World University Rankings, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto were ranked as the Top 50 best student cities to live in Canada! With their high quality of life and standard of education, you’ll be set with a promising future and successful career. Just ask our Canada education consultants

The country is a source of endless natural beauty that can be thoroughly explored. From scenic views of the sea, pristine beaches to dip your toes in, and lush mountains to trek through, Canada offers a multitude of landscapes for students who are looking to broaden their horizons upon graduation!

How Our Canada Education
Consultants Can Help

Employment While studying in Canada, Study Destination

As a student in Canada in a study abroad destination, you may be eligible to work while studying. This gives you opportunities to build your portfolio and gain experience to prepare you in the future.

Working while studying gives students the ability to earn an income and support themselves financially.

Contact our Canada education consultants to find out the part-time jobs you can apply to!

Employment After studying in Canada

Canada is one of the top study abroad destination which is popular for students to have their higher education. In return, the Canadian government made it easy for students to stay and pursue their passion furthermore.
You may be eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada once you have gained a 1 year worth of work experience. This is one of the easiest schemes to apply for a PR in a foreign country and one of the most popular paths for students to land great job opportunities!
Our Canada education consultants will help you navigate the process and assist with paperwork.

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What Canada Education Consultants Want You To Know


Canadian degrees are recognized worldwide

If you are a Canadian degree holder then you are pretty much set for life. A lot of high schools students dream to study in Canada and be the next successful doctors, engineers, accountants and many more. Having a Canadian degree will give you an advantage, stay competitive and unique from your future employer's eyes. If you are a high school student and is deciding if you should study abroad then you should know about the benefits that it has.


Personal expenses Are Affordable

If you are a student who has a tight budget, do not worry. There are stores that are affordable and will really surprise you by how cheap they are. Stores like Aldi and Walmart are one of the go to shops of students to buy their food and other personal necessities.


Affordable study Destination

As a study abroad destination, Diversity is a major advocacy in Canada, where they believe in people uniting as one.

Hence, that is why they make tuition fees affordable for international students worldwide. They have different scholarships that students can apply for that will help ease their financial burden. We are partnered with several Canadian universities that provide exclusive scholarships for students who apply with us. Our Canada education consultants will inform you if you are eligible for these scholarships and how to apply for them.


Travel to Beautiful neighboring Cities and Countries of Canada

Access the most beautiful and famous cities of Canada and reach the US in less than 2 hours! Reach the cities in less than 2 hours either by train or plane.

Spend your weekend in New York and hop on a plane back just in time for university.


Make Friends!

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world to Study Abroad at. You get to make meaningful connections with people of different background.

Plus, your social life will be full of healthy and amazing experiences. Thoughts and ideas can be exchange with people whose as driven and likeminded as you.

Study Abroad Checklist: A guide to your preparations to study abroad

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